Godiva's Hymn Contest
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The Winners

First Place- Verse 10 (107 votes)
I came across a girl whose skin was glazed in purple hue,
Her aura proud, her spirit loud, her words were strong and true;
She led a group of hundreds who were chanting far and near,
And in my mind, I had no doubt - she led the engineers!
by: Tania Albarghoti

Second Place- Verse 5 (85 votes)
At UofT we have the best and brightest minds there are
We come from every walk of life, we come from near and far
To make the world a better place, thats why we all came here
We have the power to change the world, cause WE ARE ENGINEERS!
by: Trevor Gauthier

Third Place- Verse 3 (37 votes)
Students from around the world head to U of T,
to join the group of engineers at S K U L E;
They came for academics but soon learned there's so much more,
So come on down to U of T and hear the Cannon roar!
Sandra Hektor
Hollis Milroy

Other Verses

Verse 1

As Engineers we have no fears except for just the one,
That in our haste we make mistakes or leave a job undone,
So we triple check our work - then once again just to be sure,
And only then do we put down the pen and call our work secure!

Verse 2

To every corner of the globe we engineers are sent,
Faults and failures of every kind do we strive to prevent,
Armed with information and the will to persevere,
Everyone will be overjoyed the engineers are here!

Verse 4

From the time we start we work for iron rings of old,
We toil and sweat but won't forget the lessons we've been told,
And once we've got our iron rings we'll wear them full of pride,
'Cuz Engineering UofT is one hell of a ride.

Verse 6

The sacrifice in coventry it spawned an era grand
from flying to the moon to spinning concrete out of sand
They built our greatest monuments and even U of T
So we'll put our noses to the books to join their legacy!

Verse 7

Godiva was a lady who desired to be seen
She wasn't just a lady; no, Godiva was a queen
She donned a wig and makeup and took gluestick to her brows
And with her golden hardhat around Skule she did carouse!

Verse 8

The Iron Ring is more than just a piece of jewellery
It carries obligation and responsibility
So every time you stamp or sign, just take a breath or two
And always keep in mind that Lady Godiva is watching you!

Verse 9

Electrical, Mechanical, Bio, Chem and Civ;
Our disciplines are as diverse as the way we live.
Grab your hardhat, skirt or coveralls and come along with us,
For we’re the engineers and we’re the ones you trust.