Godiva's Hymn Contest
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First Place - Verse 5

At frosh week does it all begin, with cheers and purple dye
and then before we know it we’ve returned from PEY
we made it through the many years with blood and sweat and tears
though time may pass we shan’t forget - I am an engineer!

Second Place - Verse 4

Among the great traditions that our dearest Skule does hold,
There is one in particular that is quite small but bold.
The Cannon when it blows it does make such a mighty clatter,
Thus the moral of the story is that size doesn’t always matter!

Third Place - Verse 3

“Who are, who are, who are,” you ask, “those people over there?
In blue hardhats and sunglasses, I just can’t help but stare.”
We’ll tell you, “They bring spirit up, through pranks and switcharoos”
But mention them again to us, and we’ll respond with “who”?

Other Verses

Verse 1

We are we are we are we are the graduating class
Capstone kicked us in the ass, but thank the curve we passed
We’ve been at Skule for years, we don’t know what the future brings
But no matter what we’ll be okay, we’ve got our iron rings!

Verse 2

Oh, mister blue and gold will drop his pants at your command
His boxers, briefs, or tights are yours to see when you demand
No matter the location or locale, call out his name
Sit back and watch with joy as he DISPLAYS HIS SOURCE OF FAME!

Verse 6

Queen's took our pole in 55 and gave it a greasy sheen
So some of our own decided that it could use a real good clean
After 60 years of being climbed, we found it late one night
We brought it home, where it belongs, we found our lost upright!

Verse 7

S is for the songs we sing, it’s for the cheers we yell
K is for kommunity, cos we know how to spell
U of T, it's unity, it’s L the love we share,
And E is excellence because we are the engineers!

Verse 8

As Engineers we have no fears except for just the one,
That in our haste we make mistakes or leave a job undone,
So we triple check our work - then once again just to be sure,
And only then do we drop the pen and call our work secure!

Verse 9

We are we are we are we are the engineers of Skule
A community the likes of which you’ve never seen before
Empowering and dedicated, born to make a change
With all our skills and tools, the world will never be the same!

Verse 10

Liberations, rivalries and pranks are all in jest
We know our sacred mascot truly outperforms the rest
Cause when the Mighty Cannon fires, just watch the others flee
Yes we're the best around, we go to S-K-U-L-E